CROP TIGER 40 TT. How you benefit.

  • TANGENTIAL AXIAL FLOW (TAF) is unequalled for harvesting versatility - wheat, rice, maize, basmati, sunflowers, soybeans, chickpeas, mustard, mung beans, pigeon peas, etc.
  • Uniform weight distribution and maximum pulling power thanks to the TERRA TRAC system
  • High-quality fibre canopy for maximum operator comfort
  • Discharging capacity of 30 l/sec reduces the offloading time
  • Integrated air compressor allows machine to be cleaned without any additional equipment

Power, reliability, efficiency.

The CROP TIGER 40 TERRA TRAC was presented at Agritechnica, the "world's largest agricultural fair" in 2011. The new CROP TIGER 40 TERRA TRAC builds on the successful CROP TIGER 30 series, which has made us the market leader for self-propelled combine harvesters in India. CLAAS has developed the new CROP TIGER 40 TERRA TRAC on the basis of customer requirements, the result being a machine which is significantly more comfortable and more profitable. The new combine with its efficient BS-III engine and many new features gives customers exactly what they want.