JAGUAR front attachments

Powerful bite. Easy harvest.

ORBIS 900 / 750 / 600 SD / 600 / 450.

JAGUAR front attachments

Powerful bite. Easy harvest.

ORBIS 900 / 750 / 600 SD / 600 / 450.


Front attachments

The top-of-the-range model in the ORBIS line-up has been renewed. Despite its large working width, the ORBIS 900 is able to follow the ground contours optimally. The flat mounting angle with two different positions and the very flat design make it possible to attain stubble heights as low as 80 mm.

These characteristics and the use of both small and large three-stage transport discs mean that the ORBIS 900 can be used to harvest not only maize, but whole crop silage too. 

NEW: Automatic transport protection

Front attachments

As with the ORBIS 750, the frame of the ORBIS 900 consists of 5 parts. This makes it unrivalled for fast folding – an operation which takes just 25 seconds in the case of the ORBIS 900. 

As a result of the new transport width of just 3 metres, road travel is now possible without the need for special authorisation. And thanks to the outstanding visibility, a transport speed of 40 km/h can be maintained safely.

During folding/unfolding, the fully integrated transport protection with warning stickers and lighting automatically pivots into the appropriate position for road travel or field work. It is not necessary for the operator to get down from the cab. This cuts transit and setup times considerably and reduces the operator's workload during transfers.

ORBIS 900 / 750 / 600 SD / 600 / 450.

Row-independent harvesting.

Up to 9 m working width.

The ORBIS row-independent maize front attachment from CLAAS with working widths from 4.5 m to 9.0 m combines completely new design and drive ideas with the experience we have gained around the globe. Its outstanding features and excellent reliability ensure success during the maize harvest.

A central locking system ensures that the ORBIS is securely connected to the JAGUAR. Power is transmitted smoothly via a quick coupler.

The ORBIS 600 SD is offered parallel to the ORBIS 600.

The SD is particularly suited to normal and low-growing crops. The outer sections with the small discs and the additional vertical feed drums enable an extremely free-flowing crop flow. The ORBIS 600 with the large discs comes into its own in normal and very high yield maize stands.

Outstanding reliability.

Front attachments

Front attachments from CLAAS are used to harvest an extremely diverse array of crops around the world. The CLAAS name stands for performance, wear-resistance, reliability and work quality. Drawing on our worldwide practical experience, we have completely revised the new generation of our proven ORBIS maize front attachments with improvements ranging from the optimised crop flow to the innovative folding mechanism.

Front attachments

Outstanding reliability in all harvesting conditions.

  • Efficient drive concept with 11% lower starting torque than comparable models
  • Unique crop flow for optimal chopping quality
  • Optimal ground-contour tracking with AUTO CONTOUR
  • Very low stubble height across the entire working width
  • Engage and reverse under full load
  • Straight-line crop transfer from ORBIS to JAGUAR for top chop quality
  • Uniform crop flow across the entire width of the feed roller housing
  • Extremely flat design for even stubble and very low stubble heights down to 80 mm
  • ORBIS 600 SD with small discs for short to medium crop heights
  • ORBIS 600 with large discs for medium to extremely tall maize
  • Folds out symmetrically within just 25 s (ORBIS 900) or 15 s (ORBIS 750)
  • Integrated transport system available with ORBIS 600 and higher
  • PREMIUM LINE ex factory
Front attachments

Energy-saving drive.

The efficient drive concept offers you a huge amount of power for remarkably little fuel. The JAGUAR transmits its power to the maize front attachment mechanically, the energy requirement of the latter being extremely low. This is because the ORBIS requires only a few gearbox elements and impressively low starting torque. Thanks to these characteristics, the front attachment can also be switched on and reversed at full load. The gearbox and drive components are designed for high throughput. Perfect matching of the drive speed to the set length of cut ensures an optimal crop feed into the JAGUAR.

Front attachments

Efficient drive concept.

  1. Input gearbox with two speed settings and quick coupling connection to forage harvester
  2. Main gearbox with three speed ranges for the feed drums
  3. Drive, large transport discs with knives
  4. Drive, feed cones
  5. Drive, small transport discs with knives
  6. Optional hydraulically driven laid maize augers

Unique crop flow.

The combination of small and large intake discs makes for high versatility with outstanding throughput. The ORBIS transports all the plants gently and reliably for optimal delivery to the JAGUAR intake. If the machine is reversed, the plants which have already been cut remain on the large discs and are then drawn in.

Versatility to the fore.

Maize yields of well over 70 t/ha, biogas, SHREDLAGE®, low-growing maize or other crops, such as whole crop silage or sorghum – ORBIS copes with every task. The three-stage structure of its transport discs ensures an even crop flow.

  • The synchronised rotation of the cutting and intake discs enables a gentle crop transfer
  • Sturdy tubular bars reliably prevent cob losses
  • The geometry of the knives ensures a perfect cut
Front attachments

Crop flow.

  1. Straight cutting of plants makes for uniform stubble height
  2. Guide fingers can be adjusted for differing harvest conditions
  3. Gentle, high-throughput crop transport
  4. Very even crop transfer for consistently high chopping quality

Optimal ground-contour following.

The characteristics of the terrain cease to matter when harvesting maize with the ORBIS. Precise ground-contour following is ensured by the redesigned tilting frame in combination with the enhanced CONTOUR / AUTO CONTOUR control system. With the skids in full contact with the ground, the AUTO CONTOUR control system automatically switches over to float position. In this way, excellent lateral compensation is ensured along with ground pressure control.

Low stubble height.

With the special design of its underside and its ability to adjust its tilt to maintain a parallel attitude to the ground, the ORBIS ensures short and even stubble across the entire working width. The ideal stubble which results is short, consistent, clean and shredded at the end for fast rotting.

The flat mounting angle with two different positions and the very flat design make it possible to attain stubble heights as low as 80 mm.

Integrated transport chassis.

For on-road travel, the ORBIS is folded to a width of 3 metres. The integrated transport system ensures compliance with road traffic licensing regulations and the actively controlled chassis enables ideal weight distribution for the whole vehicle. This makes for extremely comfortable driving at up to 40 km/h, thereby keeping transfer times between fields as short as possible.

As with all front attachments from CLAAS, on-road travel with the ORBIS is characterised by maximum safety and convenience. The compact, folded ORBIS provides the operator with an excellent view during on-road travel.

Easy maintenance.

Harvesting usually involves working within very narrow timeframes. Having to perform extensive maintenance work is a nuisance and also a cost factor, since it reduces productivity. This is why the CLAAS engineers have done all they can to keep maintenance requirements to a minimum. The key assemblies can be accessed quickly and easily while service intervals are reassuringly long.

Front attachments

Segmented design of transport and cutting discs

Front attachments

Easy access to clutches through maintenance panels

Front attachments

Integrated dipstick for checking oil levels

Long service intervals.

  • All grease nipple points have a service interval of 250 operating hours
  • All lubrication points are easily accessible for you
  • A gearbox oil change is required after the first year and then every 2,500 operating hours
  • All wear parts can be replaced by you quickly and easily
  • Easy access to gearbox and clutches through maintenance panels

Outstanding protection against wear.

For extremely demanding operations over very long periods or when working in fields with a high sand content, you can specify the ORBIS maize front attachment equipped with highly wear-resistant parts ex factory. Crop flow parts subject to wear, such as guide strips, knives and additional skids are optionally available in wear-resistant PREMIUM LINE quality.

Ready for long-term harvesting.

  • PREMIUM LINE feed drums with special wear coating
  • Additional PREMIUM LINE wear elements to protect the large cutting discs and knives
  • The knives have a tungsten carbide coating to increase their service life
Front attachments

PREMIUM LINE protection against wear.

  1. A special wear coating gives feed drums low wear characteristics
  2. Interior guide strips made of steel (standard equipment)
  3. Exterior guide strips made of steel
  4. Wear elements to protect the large cutting discs
  5. Knives with wear coating